We activate brands
at the Point of Emotion.

Your brand - Our Mission

We are a global activation agency which creates and realises tailored moments of brand experience at the Point of Emotion, for companies, clubs and associations.

Point of emotion

The Point of Emotion is the spot or the moment at which a person is emotionally touched by a brand´s message in a sustainable way.


The aim of hospitality is to turn a customer into a valued guest.  

In addition to the creation of concepts and the production of premium VIP areas, we also support hospitality: the full-service support of guests, also according to your individual wishes.

Brand Activation

Brand activation takes place when a brand’s message is purposefully staged such that it starts up a dialogue with the defined target group.

Always at the Point of Emotion

Zächel AG, founded in 1994 by Frank Zächel, was an owner-managed agency up to the year 2012. It has been on a path of continual growth and, today, has more than 65 members of staff who support national and international clients. Based in Berlin, this agency’s services range from full service in the area of events, hospitality service and promotion and hostess services to digital solutions.

To expand this range, to be active in even more countries around the world and to offer customers full-service support at top global sports events, VIP Sportstravel was founded in 2008 as a subsidiary of Zaechel International.

Since 2012 Zaechel Int. belongs to Lagardère Sport, the leading sports agency of Germany, and with it to Lagardère Sports and Entertainment, the sports section and entertainment section of the French media group Lagardère.

Our passion

Providing support for guests to major sports events has always been our profession, even before the days of VIP boxes. With the expansion of stadiums to modern arenas, the challenges have grown – just like our company. We are market leader in this wonderful business.

An exclusive partner for the Deutscher Fußball-Bund (German Football Association, DFB), we have been contracted to support sponsoring, guests of honour and VIP guests to matches of the national team and to cup finals in Berlin. On top of that, 14 clubs from the Bundesliga Premier and second leagues have entrusted us with the task of making the visit to the games in their arenas an unforgettable experience for their guests.

The new challenges lie in the diversity of opportunities and stakeholders. Both the clubs as well as the many sponsors would like to offer guests unique, tailored environments of experience – and for this, we are continually developing new ideas. Our knowledge of how to present and stage brands, companies and products in such a way that the guests associate these with the emotional high points of an event has enabled us to successfully support various other events, trade fairs and conferences today too.   

We activate brands at the Point of Emotion.

We activate your brand.



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Hospitality Services

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Promotion & Hostess Services

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VIP Sportstravel - Geschäftsführung

VIP Sportstravel

Rainer Wenning

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